Snuggwugg Mom Inventor Appears On Steve Harvey TV Show

Snuggwugg is about to have a chat with the one and only Steve Harvey TV ! He loves to do amazing segments about baby gear made by moms. A few weeks ago we hopped on a plane and headed to Chicago to meet the one and only Steve Harvey. Why? Because he loves supporting women business owners and mom inventors. They asked us to come on and talk about Snuggwugg® the baby product I invented and share tips with the studio audience . I loved the opportunity to share our story. I have to say that everyone on the Steve Harvey TV Show Staff was amazing. From the producer, to my hair and makeup people to wardrobe to my “handlers” 🙂 They were in charge of getting us to the stage on time. Being in Chicago and meeting Steve Harvey was a great way to start the new year. To make it even better I was there with my friend Lily from Padalily. How fun!

I would like to say that I was nervous or felt odd being primped over. But that would be a lie. I LOVED having someone else do this mop fro of mine and the makeup and hair specialists were fierce!

When it was time to for us to hit the stage  the audience was electrified and dancing to Pharrell Williams “Happy” . As I headed to my mark my dress was getting last minutes tugs as he yelled, “Keep walking baby keep walking.”  So I did. Steve Harvey was funny and charming and introduced Snuggwugg as

“The baby product sweeping the nation.”

It really doesn’t get much better than that.

TV for me has always been as natural as breathing to me. Blame it on my 20 plus years of singing on stage I suppose. I loved every single minute.

So please tune in to see Snuggwugg and hear our story and please tell a friend.

Tune in to see Snuggwugg on the Steve Harvey Show January 19 2015. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AND HELP US SPREAD THE NEWS I’d really appreciate it!

What an awesome way to start the new year! Please tune in Monday, January 19 @ 2PM Central on NBC! Check your local listings:


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Hitting the stage for Steve Harvey TV Show





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