Dreaming Of A Disney Birthday For Matilda

I’ve always enjoyed Walt Disney. I like the movies, The Mouse, the magic, I love it all. But nothing in the world could prepare me for how my heart would swell watching my daughter Matilda talk about Disney and how she can’t wait to go. Her birthday is coming very soon. She is about to turn 4 in April. She has never been to Walt Disney World. Sad I know. She watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every day and can sing every single song they do. She also thinks  that Mickey is the greatest person on the planet (beside her daddy) and prays for God to bless HIM. LOL so cute. My niece and nephew have been to Disneyland at least 5 times. I think I’ve lost count LOL. And still Matilda has not gone.


This is due to several reasons actually. My husband works non stop, I’ve been in the middle of my baby product launch, and life is pretty hectic. But we told her if she would poop in the potty she could go. And we would take her for her birthday. Well she’s fully potty trained ( whew was that a terrifying experience) except at night (still in Huggies pull-ups I think she wants me to pay off my grant I won from them for Snuggwugg LOL). And her birthday is coming. So we started to plan. Then something amazing happened. My sweet mama mentioned Disney World. I really never thought about Disney World as a potential option because we are just a few hours away from Disneyland. But suddenly I became just as madly in love with Mickey and Disney as Matilda was. So she and I started watching the parades on Youtube together, the princess shows, the characters and now it’s all she talks about.

Last night I even heard her pray: Dear Jesus we thank you that we have the best time in Disney World and that I get to see Mickey and Goofy and Donald and Daisy and mommy and daddy come too. Amen. It’s so precious and I know God hears every single word.




Dreaming of a Disney Vacation

So if you have any tips for me about Disney World no matter how big or how small you think they are I would really love to hear them.  It looks like our family may be headed there soon and we are dreaming about it every day. I do have some awesome friends who know almost everything about Disney so I’ve been asking them too.

One of those friends Melissa from Trips To The Mouse has a lot of amazing information. And a cool interactive brochure too.

But tips are super welcome just share them in the comments below. We can’t wait to go, I am sure I will cry. Silly? Maybe but you have never seen the way  my precious daughter talks about her dream. It’s my prayer that everything will work out, My mom and stepdad will be there too and together we will have the Disney Vacation of a Lifetime. All for my precious Matilda- I love her more than anything on this planet. Until then we are all just Disney dreaming.

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  1. Maca says

    Ohhh this sounds great! I must say, you haven’t experience Disney until you do it with your whole family, i bet its going to be great!



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