Marketing Your Brand – Understanding The Mindset Of Influential Mom Bloggers

If your brand is hoping  to work with influential moms you are not alone. Some of the largest brands in the world have come to recognize mom bloggers and social media influencers have tremendous buying power.

  • The US Census estimates that there are 82.5 million mothers of all ages in the US, from Baby Boomer “soccer moms” to the Gen X and Echo Boom “iMom.”
  • The Moms market is continually self-renewing; approximately 4 million babies are born each year, 40% are to first-time mothers.
  • The population of US moms with children under age 18 in the household was 35.7 million in 2012.

Millennials Spend:

  • • 84mm US adults aged 18-34 • $1.3t in annual spending • $430b discretionary spending • 83% of new moms are Millennials
  • Source Baby Center 21st Century Mom

What does the Millennial Mom Do?

Your Brand And Mommy Bloggers

Power MomsMarketing to the Mom Blogger

Currently I’m in the middle of a rather large campaign with one of the brands I help. Over the years I’ve been involved in many  campaigns for my clients,  PR firms, or consulting with brands & running campaigns for them.  Here are some things you need to know when you consider working with influential moms.


Do large numbers and followings impress you? Of course they do. But do you really know this blogger? Are those followers actually engaged in that content? Will they represent your brand in the best light? How can you know? Without the proper representative with an inside view you won’t. That is why relationships to those “in the trenches” so to speak are so valuable. Working with companies or representatives who know and understanding the mindset of the influential mom bloggers is invaluable.

Here are a few things to look for:


From their  emails, to their tweets, to their social media accounts. When selecting mom bloggers and social media influencers to work on your campaign you want the most professional candidates.


Remember that these are moms.  They too are very busy. They have massive  buying power and are extremely influential so with all your dealings keep that in mind when speaking with them and emailing them. They are savvy, they are social, and they are extremely valuable to your brand. Make sure you choose a representative that knows  not only how to communicate with mom blogger effectively but one who understands their mindset.


If you reach out to a mom blogger and it doesn’t work out for that particular campaign remember you may be building a bridge for another partnership down the road. Work on building your relationships with influential mom bloggers. They are very loyal to brands they love. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?

Over the years due to this blog you are reading Mompreneur Mogul and my own baby brand Snuggwugg® I have seen many pitches to influential mom bloggers crash and burn. Maybe you didn’t choose the right representative, maybe their campaign ideas were not fresh, perhaps you thought you could go it alone only to discover a social media nightmare if bloggers don’t reflect your brand in a positive light.

All of this can be avoided. There are a number of amazing  mom blogger consultants and reps to work with. So choose wisely.  If you are thinking of launching your  own campaign I am happy to help you. Due to my extensive background in business and marketing we can create a unique campaign that is fresh and accomplishes your goals. Visit my Brands page here: Working With Brands. And for a customized plan simply use the contact form below. Moms are a tremendous resource but they are more than that. They are amazing women. Always treat them as such and your campaign will be amazing.


I work with national brands, advertisers, business owners, authors and more. I'd love to hear from you and see how I may serve you or if it's just to leave a message. Have a great day! ~ Lisa



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