My Daughter Loves It – Product Review

We’ve all seen the commercials for and they look pretty amazing right? My daughter saw them too and it didn’t take long for her to start asking if I would purchase ABC Mouse. Ironically at the exact same time I decided to purchase the app I was contacted by to conduct a review. Matilda was thrilled to say the least.

Disclosure: I was given access to for the purpose of my review all opinions are my own.

I’m a mom who loves technology but I really enjoy technology when it also stirs a curiosity in my daughter for the world around her. And that is exactly what happened with ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy.  When we decided to review we also received a Gift of Learning Giveaway back pack that included: a one-year subscription to; children’s books; A-to-Z music video DVD;  See photo below!

ABCMouse gift of learning

ABC Mouse

Sometimes parents worry that their kids technology is getting in the way of their desire to read or learn about the world around them. I can tell you from my own experience that the exact opposite happened. When Matilda received this book bag filled with books she was just as excited to read these books as she was to play with her ABCMouse app. I’ve also read her Spot and Dot book about 30 times 🙂 So she really enjoys it.  is so packed with features and fun lessons that I can’t  possibly combine them all into a  single blog post. So I’ll be doing a part 2 next week with a GIVEAWAY.  YES I DID SAY A GIVEAWAY 🙂

YOU will have a chance to win your OWN Gift of Learning Giveaway pack that includes: a one-year subscription to; children’s books; A-to-Z music video DVD; backpack.  How great is that!?

So I’m super excited about that! I’ll be sharing the giveaway next week so be sure to let us know why you are thinking about in the comments below and watch for your chance ot win a one year subscription for FREE!

In the meantime here are just a few of the fun things I love about ABCMouse.

Do you see this fishtank? This is not just any tank this is actually Matilda’s personal tank filled with fish that she purchased from tickets she wins for completing tasks and learning activities. How cool is that?

What is so fun is that every item is a different ticket price. This gives her incentives to complete her activities and it also teaches her how to save at the same time. If she wants a bigger fish she has to complete more activities  so she can get purchase what she  really wants. I think it’s a great lesson.


ABC Mouse


There are numerous screens so you can track your child’s progress. And this is Matilda’s progress. I love how it tracks everything so that I don’t have to.


ABC Mouse Mompreneur Mogul


Here are the amazing books she received in her backpack. The same backpack that you can win next week!

Age of early learning MompreneurMogul DSC03364

As you can tell she was a very happy little girl and this makes her mom very happy too!   is  as cool as the commercials makes it out to be. I can tell you that my daughter has a very high level of  energy. So when she actually wants to sit down and learn? It’s a beautiful thing. She loves  Now the only problem I have is prying my IPAD from her hands so I can do my own work too. But as long as she is learning that is a great problem to have.

There are so many great features on ABC Mouse Early Learning Academy. The songs are all amazing they teach about spelling, math, alphabet and more. The activities are interesting and the field trips are fun.

I’ll share more in my next post but if you are thinking about purchasing ABCMouse for your child I can tell you it’s a worthy investment. And if it looks like I LOVE I do.

The other day she was telling me about the solar system and planets. That was pretty amazing.!

Click below to get your first month free. I know you will love it!

AND don’t forget to check back next week to enter our giveaway and a chance to win that awesome backpack filled with books for your child!





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