Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Highlights #DisneySMMC

This year I was invited to attend one of the most coveted blogger conferences on the planet: Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2015. The fact that my 4 year old Matilda has been dreaming and praying to go to Disney for over a year now made this trip to Walt Disney World during Mother’s Day even more special. I could blog for an entire year and probably not be able to cover everything that happened to me during those 7 beautiful days at Disney. So I’m going to add a few things today and if you wouldn’t mind please helping me that would be great. What help you ask? What do you want to know?  Is it getting tips on  what rides are perfect for a 4 year old? Ways to save money at Disney? More about the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration? Best Take aways From Disney? I would love to know in the comments below so I can share what matters most to you!

Disclosure: I was invited to the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. Conference fee included hotel stay, park-hopper tickets, and special events. They never asked if I would blog about my experience or even talk about them at all. But the magic I experienced that week left me in awe so I have to share deets with you- it was Ahhhhhmazing!

Lisa Cash Hanson At Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Mompreneur Mogul Disney Social Media Moms

In an attempt to not overwhelm you or myself I’ll try to keep this blog post short. And I’ll do a series of these over time so you can learn hopefully everything you’d like to learn about Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

I received my personal invitation and realized that I would be spending Mother’s Day with my mom, husband step dad and my daughter in the gorgeous Disney’s Yacht Club Resort in Walt  Disney World. How awesome was that? Pretty awesome I’ll tell you.

Our family at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

TRAVEL TIP  The moment you arrive at a Disney Resort all their staff are so helpful and amazing. You don’t need to bring floaties or tubes if you plan on swimming they have life vests at the pool already for the kiddos. They have several pools and a water slides one tiny enough for my 4 year old to enjoy. The pools at the Yacht Club have soft sandy bottoms which was amazing for little feet and moms of course.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration


I was clueless when I arrived. What exactly is a Magic Band, do I need them, what’s a fast pass? What do they do at this Disney Social Media Moms Celebration?

So the park questions I’ll answer in another blog post. This is about the conference  (well some of it because that will also take weeks to cover.)

Have you ever said to yourself as a blogger, ” I wish that company would just “get it?” Don’t they understand that bloggers are valuable? Well you will NEVER say that about Disney. I can truly say that I have never had another company treat our family so special, or myself as a blogger. Honestly going to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration to me is like being a Blogger Princess if there was such a thing. That is exactly how I felt. From the Disney Magic, to the food, to the conference, the speakers, to the events and the amazing gifts you will feel as special as Cinderella.

Let me tell you something fun. I’m not a weepy girl. But I literally found myself crying at Disney on more than one occassion. It was a mix of pure joy, gratitude surprise and amazement. If you’d like to see the incredible events they had in store for us you can check out the Disney Social Media Moms Itinerary here


This was when it happened. My first cry at Disney. Matilda and I had watched this Celebrate the Magic show in front of Cinderella’s Castle on Youtube countless times together. Each time telling her we would go to see the real castle soon. At the time I had no clue when or how. So when I saw her perched high on daddy’s shoulders, with that glorious castle as a backdrop and I saw the huge smile on her face as she watched Mickey and Cinderella and others that she’d seen on Youtube countless times, tears just came running down my cheek.  It was in that very magical moment that I realized  just how truly thankful I was for this opportunity.




Cinderella's Castle Mompreneuer Mogul


The Disney Social Media Moms Conference

I will dedicate more blog posts to these speakers and their sessions as it will be hard to cover otherwise. But the speakers were amazing. From Leanne O’Regan, Director of Social Media, to Mark Daniel, George A. Kalogridis President of Walt Disney World Resorts, Eva Smith from Pinterest, Jonas Rivera, Disney Pixar, Janice Belgemino Disney Infinity, Vivienne Harr, STAND, Chris Brogan, jeffrey Epstein Disney D23, Jessica Shyba, Mommas Gone City & Dr Tanya Altmann, Disney Imagicademy it was all amazing!

We realized that we are not in competition with each other – Chris Brogan

Disney Social Media Moms with Chris Brogan and Lisa Cash Hanson Snuggwugg CEO Mom Blogger


That amazing things take time- Jonas Rivera



And that ONE person can make a difference Vivienne Harr STAND

#DisneySMMC Vivienne Harr STAND



 The Special Family Events

Walt Disney World is a family destination. To see the events they planned for our kids was the second time I cried. Such effort went into planning each magical detail I was literally in awe of all they did for us.

From the beautiful beach party, to the character meet and greets with Mickey and Anna and Elsa, to the Epcot Fireworks this mama’s heart soared.  And When Mickey spoke at his meet and greet to Matilda? I almost fell over! I literally could not believe my ears. Who knew he spoke!? No where else could you have this many magical moments all together in one place.


Dreams Come True #DisneySMMC





Disney's Social Media Moms Princess Meet and Greet


Princess Meet and Greet Disney



Fireworks for #DisneySMMC
Disney Parks Food

The Bloggers

Time goes by so fast when you are enjoying the beauty of Walt Disney World. But I did get the chance to connect with new blogging friends and hook up with my not “old” but “other” friends as well.

Lauren Holt From Motherhood And Beyond

#disneySMMC Lisa Cash Hanson and Lauren Holt


Stacy B Rhode Island Mom




Chris Brogan Disney SMMC


And of course the infamous Chris Brogan – Who BTW is not only pretty smart about business but has a really awesome new book check that out here . He is also an all around nice guy 🙂

There is still so so much I have to share with you about our event and Disney magic. For example;  Tips for traveling with little ones to Disney,  the best rides, my favorite Disney food, fast passes and more.

So don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to learn. Seriously I’ll be blogging for quite some time and still not able to cover everything that happened at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration but I’ll do my best.

I’m dreaming of some new goals for Disney Social Media Moms too, voice overs for Pixar 🙂 Speaking at the conference would be great one day because so many women ask me about creating their own products too and a few other dreams I keep in my heart. But until that time comes I will leave you with a few final things that warmed my heart.

1. This amazing slideshow that doesn’t even begin to cover my fun time at Disney.

 2. Mickey speaking ( I almost fainted)

 3. The sign  I saw as I left my last day at the Magical Kingdom and it was so appropriate. Since that moment I just keep thinking how soon 🙂

It was the most magical place on earth-

Disney Moms Celebration



 Mickey Mouse Orlando Florida




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