Salacious Secrets How To Balance Working Mom And Family

Breastfeeding, burping and puking I wrote my first blogging book through it all. From my Snuggwugg baby pillow I invented to my blogging books & PR courses, to my social media clients and all that I do in between, the question I’m asked most of all is,  “How do you do it?”  It seems that the biggest question anyone wants to know is how I find the time to do what I do. That leaves me wondering if possibly I give the facade that I’m a working well oiled machine? Or that everything is perfectly in it’s place? I’m not really sure.  All I know is that for certain is not the truth. However in the midst of my chaos I do have some salacious secrets on how to balance working mom and family that I know will help you because they are helping me.  And for the record I’m definitely not bragging. But being able to write my first ebook when Matilda had colic and reflux, doing that while breast feeding, and launching Snuggwugg baby pillow, I think I speak from experience. How do I do it all? ONE task at a time. The truth is if I think of everything that I need to cover in one day I’ll pull my hair out. I’m also not an expert in time management so that works against me. I am pretty creative . I think it’s a curse. Why? When it comes to organizing my day something in my mind basically thinks, “boring.” and shuts down. Yes, I know I have to get better at this just stretch out your hand and pray for me now. But shouldn’t that make you feel awesome about yourself? Just think about it. If a self-professed disorganized mama like myself can accomplish the things I’ve accomplished then what you can do? Encouraging right?

I hear this phrase constantly, “I want to do what you do but I just don’t have the time.” This always makes me laugh. As if some magic time genie waved his wand and gave me 10 more hours per day than you. I wish. I work from the same 24 hours that you do.

So here are some tips on how to balance working mom and family that I use personally.

1. ONE METHOD. One step one task at a time.

I know as women we have the ability to  multi-task. But sometimes you have to drill down from the most important task to the least and do what you have to do one thing at a time. Otherwise it’s too scattered and you get overwhelmed.


Recently I had a funny talk with one of the woman that I coach. Why funny? Because I was saying that I had too much going and she said, “Lisa, why are you not outsourcing that’s what you taught me.” I laughed because of course it was. But here I was breaking my own rules. Not sure if I thought I was a super hero who could do it all but clearly I could not. So outsourcing is my friend.


I don’t have any more time than you do. The reason I invented a product and perhaps you have not yet is I took steps. That’s it. Money and everything else came AFTER I decided to move forward.


This is last and really most important. Even though I have so much to do and some days it’s never ending I realize I need a break. Too much work without a break is really bad. Bad for me, for my family, for my business. just stinks for everyone. You have to learn when to  say no. Take a break, walk away. Tomorrow is another day. Put your family first and you’ll never regret it.


You may have a ton of tasks or posting for a client. Suddenly it happens, the Facebook Vortex. You know not to click the video but AHHHH you did. Now you spent 5 minutes on a cute deer when you could have been finishing your work. As your kids look at you  with eyes that beg “Are you done yet?” You realize you added more time to your work load for goofing off on Facebook.  BLOCK the world out until what you need is done. But never block your kids.  I’m saying this not as a mom who has that one down. I don’t. It’s a reminder to me too.

I hope this helps you a little. I hope you go for whatever dream is in your own heart. I wish I could pour out what’s in my head weekly for you but if I did I’d never get done what I need to so. Just know you are always on my heart and mind. I hope you make every dream you have a reality. Never forget what matters most and the rest will all work out 🙂




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