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If you haven’t discovered Periscope yet you are really missing something amazing. As a social media manager and owner of my own brands I’m always looking for new platforms that are game changers. Periscope is definitely that unique platform. I can’t go into a full tutorial but if you want more information subscribe via my newsletter I’ll be adding tips soon. If you are already on Periscope welcome!

Disclosure: This countdown is not sponsored in any way by Periscope. These reflect my own opinions and those of my other followers on the platform. These accounts have been chosen via various viewers writing and sharing and from viewing the amazing content they share.

I’m so excited to be unveiling my very first episode of #Periscope Top 10 Weekly. This is where I’ll featured the top 10 periscope accounts and share why they are so amazing! If you have a favorite scope or you’d like to nominate your own scope please add it via the comments below for next week’s consideration.

How were they selected? You’ve written to us, or shared via Twitter. For NEXT week.

Don’t see YOUR favorite? This is what you do —–> Be sure to tweet to me via @MompreneurMogul on Twitter using hashtag #Periscope10 #Periscope to nominate yourself or someone else.

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Are you ready?

Periscope Top 10 Weekly Presents:

Mark Shaw

Who he is: Powerful social media & early adopter of live streaming video content and the power that it contains for brands and content creators.

Why we love him: Just like his profile says he is no nonsense. Super helpful. And you can tell goes out of his way to promote others! Check out his livestreampromotions.com website pretty cool!

Favorite Quotes “Stop being so boring!”  “You make be working in your shed but you don’t have to look like you’re in a shed” Talking about branding and looking professional.


Mark Shaw Periscope Top 10 Weekly unnamed-25



Ted Rubin 

Who he is: Social media strategist and author of the book Return On Investment.

Why we love him: He is always ready to help, and promote others. He also shares amazing scopes from his events on the road. It’s great because he grants you access to amazing talks from business leaders that ordinarily you would never have access to.

Ted Rubin Periscope Top 10 Weekly

Chris Ducker

Who he is: Author and Virtual Freedom Author

Why we love him: Because he will answer questions and really takes time with his viewers. And he brings his beautiful wife into his scopes how great is that? 🙂



Christ drucker Chris Drucker

Sue B Zimmerman

Who she is: Known as the Instagram Expert she is exactly that 🙂 She shares killer tips about business and instagram. You will love her.

Why we love her: Her tips are not run of the mill. She shares precise methods and strategies that will really help you grow your brand. And her fun personality makes it easy to love everything she shares.
SueBZimmerman Periscope Top 10 Weekly



Jason Stolken

Who he is: Comedian and founder of #BlastYourCast

Why we love him: He is super gracious to his following, works hard to say hi to everyone and is awesome at promoting others!

Jason Stolken Periscope Top 10 Weekly



Ryan Steinolfson

Who he is : An entrepreneur who recognizes the power of relationships.

Why we love him: We love him for his energy his killer content, and the ability to recognize a game changing platform like Periscope and share it with you! On a recent broadcast he spoke the famous quote  “A rising tide lifts all boats”  He hosts some great tutorials and interviews that you will love. Super informative and again another all around nice guy.


Ryan Steinolfson Periscope Top 10 Weekly



Scott Croucher

Who he is: Social Media Trainer

Why we love him: Recently he said “Think like a viewer not like a broadcaster.” His point? You may think you have 4 days of interesting content but if you Periscope 4 times a day you may get unfollowed.” Great tips and advice He also stores his periscope messages here so be sure to check them out!

Scott Croucher Periscope Top 10 Weekly





Steven Furtick

Who he is: One of the coolest Word filled preachers around. Pastor of Elevation church and they are changing the world.

Why we love him: He’s not content to do “church as usual” He reaches out to the community, he inspires youth, and he’s on Periscope how cool is that?

Steven Furtick Periscope Top 10 Weekly


Kim Garst

Who she is: Facebook expert and now creator of one of the first Periscope for biz courses.

Why we love her: Again so much great content. A lot of people are looking to monetize Kim can help you get that accomplished.


Kim Garst Periscope Top 10 Weekly


Jason Burglar Sock Cop

Who he is: A cop in a sock or a sock dressed like a cop? Well look and see for yourself.

Why we love him: Because he talks at the speed of lightening and always tries to say hey to everyone. And somehow talking to a sock is wildly entertaining.



Periscope sock Periscope Sock Cop



Every Week We Grant One Hearty Award.

This award goes to the person who is super fun, informative and just an all around great human.

This week’s hearty award goes out to …

Travis Wright. He’s cool & Contributes to the planet in a big way, a great tech writer and he’ll keep you in the know. Follow him for his great pieces on Inc.





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