Wait Till You See This List- #Periscope Top 10 Weekly (2)

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Are you ready to check out this week’s edition of #Periscope Top 10 Weekly ?

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Here is a recap:

Dan Moore:

Who he is: Travel writer and Youtuber

Why we love him: Super personable, features some great views and gorgeous places. He’s an Aussie what’s not to love?

Periscope Travel Dan Moore




Alex Pettitt

Who he is: Broadcaster who shares some excellent information about Periscope.

Why we love him: Somehow the name Alex and Periscope have  become one in the same almost. He shares great tips and helps his audience and for that we love him!


Alex On Periscope



Ebong Eka

Who he is:Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, , CPA, StartUp Advisor, Entrepreneur, Small Biz Contributor

Why we love him: Great inspiring tips for business owners and entrepreneurs. He has authentic experience and he inspires as he teaches. For that we love him!


Periscope Ebong



Dave Shrein

Who he is: Shares some great strategies for communicators and business owners.

Why we love him: He really enjoys promoting others, is selfless and contributes to the Periscopes he joins with useful content that really helps others.

Giving you the communication answers you need in the Church Marketing Podcast, equipping entrepreneurs on, the guy in the coffee shop with a mac






Darren Rowse:

Who he is: One of the biggest bloggers on the planet.

Why we love him: He is probably one of the most humble people we’ve met. He shared some great tips on scheduling and how his day flows and you could tell his audience was so thankful for some behind the scenes insight. He was really inspiring.

Darren Rowse Periscope


Robert C Stern

Who he is: Social Media Specialist

Why we love him: He has his own top 10 🙂 We love him for that and the genuine way he shares content with his audience.


Robert C Stern Periscope



Brian Fanzo

Who he is: Founder of I Social Fanz

Why we love him: He has some great energy and excellent tips for social media and business.




Adam Cinemre

Who He is: Artist and communications strategists.

Why we love him: He shows some great scenes around Melbourne Austrailia and he’s very real. You feel like you are having a natural conversation somehow forgetting you are speaking to your screen. For that we love him.




Laura Husson

Who she is: Helps businesses look great online.

Why we love her: She gives great tips, she blocks trolls without saying a word 🙂 LOVE that.  But last night she is one of the few to say “What’s up with the NOT cool Fonts” ? LOL For that I love her because I seriously could not agree more! I think they stink. It looks like commenting on Terets. She didn’t say that I did. But It’s getting redonkulous seriously.


Periscope Women



Christy Mobley

Who she is: Married to funniest man on earth, mom. girly girl, writer, speaker, Life Purpose Coach, lover of Jesus and connector of women.

Why we love her: Great solid advice for life!






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