I’ll Show You How To Take #Periscope Offline & Make Thousands In 5 minutes

Ok let me just count the ways I love Periscope. Ok forget it there are too many to count. But if you’ve caught one of my Periscope live streams  you already know that my followers are the best on the planet. As we spend some awesome time coming together to share information and tips and to help you grow your business every time we all move forward. So the other day I was at an event and discovered just another way to monetize Periscope. And literally how you can take Periscope offline and make thousands in 5 minutes. How is that possible? Through one deal, or one connection, or one coaching session it’s very possible.

So setting the stage for you, I attended a business meeting in Las Vegas. It was great and lots of new amazing people.  After the event ended I met up with some connections and then I decided to show them the power of Periscope live in real time. Within moments of our scope ending we were making deals for consulting, future training and more. It was really amazing.

So not only is Periscope great for building Twitter followers, I picked up about 700 in my first week on Periscope, but it’s great for whatever business you have.

Do you own a product based business like me? Well I own Snuggwugg but I also run a social media management and marketing business. Why not do a product demo or show them special never before seen angles of your product and then get real  time feedback and conversations around your product? That is incredibly valuable.

Regardless of the type of business that you own Periscope will really benefit that business. And don’t forget to sign up for Katch it’s free. You can see all my Periscope tips that you may have missed on my Katch here. Lisa Cash Hanson On Periscope

The best part about watching replays on Katch? You can fast forward through my meet and greet 🙂 A simple way to get straight to the tips.

So this Katch below is the video to this blog post and the story of how I took Periscope offline

I’ll Show You How To Take #Periscope Offline & Make Thousands In 5 minutes

If you run sales or consulting then Periscope is a no brainer. Do your training videos and drive people to your landing page. Like mine here at Periscope School.

So if you are on Periscope I hope these tips were helpful and if you are not what are you waiting for?

If you are a business owner wanting consulting and help on how you can use Periscope for business? Just email lisa@lisacashhanson.com I’m happy to help!
And if you want a place to promote your Periscope join our Facebook Group here!

Stop by and see me you can find me at Lisa Cash Hanson or MompreneurMogul too. Scope you later.

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