$38,000 In Small Business Marketing Mistakes -Case Study

If you are a small business owner trying to figure out where to spend your marketing dollars and how much you should spend this article will help you. I’m guessing that you may already receive many calls each week from various companies asking for your small business marketing dollars. I do. In addition to being an SEO focused Social Media Marketer I also run my own small business called Snuggwugg. A National Baby pillow that sells in stores across the nation. We get calls every day. Due to experiencing both owning a brand and being a marketer I have a unique perspective.

I’m uncovering a recent experience I had with a client in the hopes that it may help you. This is their true experience. Sounds like a dream, a bad dream but sadly it’s true. I won’t use their name in order to protect their identity.

Their story unfolded like this:

I was called in as a marketing consultant by this particular client. They were looking to find ways to help them with a new social media campaign. When I entered the picture another website and marketing agency was involved. At that time they were charging company x over $25,000 for web design. “Well that’s normal right?” You may be thinking. Not when that price was not a custom website but a $57.00 WordPress template. Shocking, sad but true.

And did company X (that’s the name I’ll give my client) have a clue? NO they did not. The reason they didn’t is unlike marketers like us who know where to look for these warning signs they didn’t have any idea.

Soon another charge was showing up on their invoices. Charging $1,500 per month for website plugin updates.

WHAT? Yes to push one button that takes 2 seconds they tried to charge company x $1,500 per month! That is $18,000 per year I saved them in wasteful spending.

They were also given an invoice from the same company for $9,500 which I handled by telling them I’d use my social media influence to let people know what they had done.

Problem solved and company x didn’t pay that invoice.

Next up? Company x was paying another marketing person $199.00 every single month to email their own clients to ask for reviews. Reviews they never got.

So that is $2,400 out the door for a year that may as well be thrown into the garbage.

My solution? I implemented a campaign with graphic review cards that I designed. Each time an instore purchase was made the card was given out to a customer with a request to add an honest review. T
I was able to increase their reviews by 400% in one month with that strategy. Pretty great results I’d say.

Not too mention I was able to save them $250.00 on printing costs as well.

Next a well known social media directory company was charging $750.00 per month again for services they didn’t need.

They had no intentions of refunding company x even after the sales person was told NOT to put the invoices through. Until? You guessed it. I called the corporate office and demanded the refund or let others online know what happened.

So through it all I saved company X a grand total of $38,900!

What is the moral of the story you may ask?

When it comes to small business marketing there are many ways to do the same task.

As a small business owner you may not know all the shortcuts. But there is someone out there who will and who can watch out for your best interests.

So even if you can’t afford a consultant like myself, or another ask some friends. Try to find people experienced in the services that you are looking for and ask their thoughts.
Google. There is so much free information available to you on Google.

And try to do your research.
Afterall it could save you from thousands of dollars in costly small business marketing mistakes. And those are never fun.

For information on working with Lisa email lisa@LisaCashHanson.com

If you are trying to find ways for your business to save money or social media I can help.



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