Facebook Ads And Instagram Ads For Beginners

For those of us in social media we understand the power of facebook ads and instagram ads. Not too long ago Facebook started rolling out instagram ads via the power editor in Facebook. If you are looking for help check out this post on Facebook called Instagram Ads For Beginners.

I work with a lot of small business owners on social media management. And many are still wondering if social media ads are really the way to go. Recently I was attending a jewelry show with one of my social media management clients and I spoke to many reps at that show from various companies. One in particular stood out to me. He told me they no longer pay for print ads. They only market using Facebook and saw a 40% increase in their sales in the last 2 years. That’s a pretty large jump.

I thought it was worth mentioning. Recently I took the power editor for a spin checking out instagram ads.

I’ve seen great increases in page likes which then leads to people you can advertise too and sales with my own experiences too. Both for clients and myself. When I launched an ad for our Snuggwugg baby pillow ( disclosure it’s my own brand) the results were pretty impressive. I only spent a few hundred dollars and made that right back in sales and then some.

Regardless of the type of campaign you decide to run I think there are some specific keys in order to run a successful ad campaign.

Our ad received over 1700 likes and 350 comments you can see that here:

This ad did well because it made them smile. I think because people are so used to seeing ads and then tuning them out, you have to get a little more creative when doing your creatives.

Make your ad fun. People love to laugh or smile. Try not to just do the normal: “Hey we’re amazing check us out and shop here.” No one really cares anymore they’ve seen too much.

But if you make them laugh or stir an emotion, suddenly it’s a much different experience.

This was our baby pillow ad on Instagram. This is for Snuggwugg which helps with diaper changing.

Immediately the opening line is cute and funny. I believe that is why it did so well. And the reason social media ads will do great for brands is because your buyer is already online and engaged. So it’s a short distance to nudge them from fan to customer.

I see it all the time with my clients and my own brand.

So if you are a beginner in creating Facebook ads or Instagram ads here are my fast tips for you.

1. Engage with a great image.
You have only seconds on social media to grab their attention so make sure you use something visually amazing.

2. Entertain people. Life is filled with a lot of things. Don’t use boring ad copy. Entertain them, make them laugh or cry or something. So you can stand out from the other marketers who still create lame ads.

3. Inform
You have to tell them a little bit about the product. You can see with Snuggwugg we eluded to the fact that diaper changing is tough but we will rescue them. So we told them we solve a problem but in a fun way.

4. Test
Try different copy, different days, different graphics but only change one thing at a time. So you can truly tell what made the difference either good or bad.

5. Go for it. You’ll never know what will work by reading all these posts. So jump in the water, it’s pretty great.

I hope that was helpful and don’t forget to click the link above to get more specific details on facebook advertising. Have fun!



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