Lifehack – A Great Way To Tune Out The Noise Of Your World

It’s 12:57 Am in Las Vegas and as I click away on my keyboard I’m listening to “Your Song” from Moulin Rouge. I want to share a little lifehack that will help you tune out the noise. It’s a strange night in Vegas someone posted earlier on my Facebook Feed that a meteor flew over Vegas. Not sure if it did but odd none the less. It’s almost Christmas and of course everyone is bustling and rushing to get their last minute shopping done. Social Media is oddly quiet and I’m waiting on my mom to arrive from Nashville in the morning and I cannot wait. In the midst of all that is happening in our lives it seems we rarely take time to tune out the noise of the world. The social media chatter, the Facebook feuds. ( Don’t pretend you’ve never had one if you’ve been on for five minutes you have.) the constant pumping of information through our inboxes, text messages twitter and more.

So what can we do? To tune it all out? To refresh? Some go camping some take trips or hike or workout. But a simple way to tune out is to listen to songs that take you someplace other than where you are right now. Music to me is amazing. You may not know this but I’ve been a professional singer most of my life. Yes I know add it to my already long list of jobs I have. But music takes me places and I love it. For example when I started this blog post I listened to Cool Change by the Little River Band. I always enjoy that song. Takes me back to times in my early teens when I just wanted to escape. Lying out in the hot Michigan son thankful that my brothers were not tugging on me and my parents somehow didn’t notice I was chilling by myself.

It made me think of you. How we all need just some time to escape the business of our businesses, our lives, our day. Of course I pray that is first thing in the morning and read. But sometimes it’s great to listen to a song that brings back a memory and just escape in your mind.

And the cool thing about this is that you can do it right now sitting at your computer. Just put your headphones on and then find the song that moves you and escape. Life really does fly by. And I’m noticing that I never seem to take enough time for myself. For emptiness. Just to veg. So as I work tonight I’m also escaping. Maybe to Pina Colodaville or perhaps a Little Pink House by John Cougar or wherever I choose.

How about you? Love to hear what music helps you chil too.



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