Happy New Year, It Stinks Now What

Happy New Year It Stinks now what? While many of us feel revived, refreshed and brimming with excitement for the New Year, others are dealing with life issues, loss of a loved one, or major struggles. And it’s not very happy. That is how I began the New Year. On New Year’s Day I cooked a great meal for my family and when I put it into our oven, and then checked it after 15 minutes…guess what? No heat. The oven was broken. Yippee. The next day we went to a movie and my husband started to shake like a leaf. He seemed to have chills and the flu. I had some renewals come up that I missed and the fees were now double because I was late. Excitement. My daughter has a mysterious allergy no one can figure out and she coughs through the night every night off and on. No sleep for me for days. Hurray.

So here we are just a few days into the New Year and I was flooded with bills, sickness, unexpected appliance breakdowns and then dealing with emotions because my mom was visiting and she was leaving. I don’t know if you’re a mama’s boy or girl like me but it always stinks when she leaves.

So I spent most of my day in bed truth be told with my daughter. And here we are. I know I’m not the only one who started off the New Year less happy than they intended. I’ve seen friends with terrible illnesses and major trials as well across my social media channels. So now what? What do you do when it’s 2016 you were hoping for a fresh start and it stinks?

Well the way I see it we all have two choices. A. Wallow and collapse in our tears and frustration (bad choice). B.Pick ourselves up, shake off the negativity and say to ourselves that no matter what happens today, tomorrow will be better.

I know it may be hard when everyone else is talking about goals and blessings and their life is amazing. Meanwhile you may be dealing with a struggle. Maybe it will help you to realize that you are not alone. Understand that there are others who are having issues too. However remember that it’s not those issues that will define us. It’s how we react to them that makes the difference in our own life.

When I look back at all the challenges I’ve had with Snuggwugg (my baby product I invented) and all the opportunities to just lay on the ground and not get back up yet I decided to get back up anyway I am proud. Was it hard? Yes. A lot of tears? Yes. Did things go as I always hoped? No they never have. But I never quit.

And if you are dealing with any issues in your life I believe that is the key to overcoming these struggles. As long as you refuse to give up no matter what comes your way? You win. It may be cliche’ but it’s true. I think in a world where we only post our happiest selfies, and the cleanest parts of our homes, and the best framed pictures once in awhile we should see the other side.

No one has a perfect life all the time. There are some pretty sucky moments quite frankly. Some people just never let you see those. But I’m telling you that my beginning to this New Year stinks. But I don’t plan on staying in stinkville.

So I hope maybe you are inspired. I hope you realize that if you are having a hard time you’re not alone. But more than anything I hope you brush yourself off and keep going.

You are destined for greatness. You are a winner. You can accomplish anything in this life. New opportunities will come your way. No one’s life is perfect even if they show you that it is. So love your life. Because in the end it’s the only true precious gift we are given. The gift to live our own life. As messy and beautiful, and hard and great as it is it’s all ours.

May God bless you this year, and may you always keep your head held high. You are going to do some beautiful amazing things. If you feel like adding your comment below and you need prayer over what’s happening in your life right now I read them all and will pray for you too. It’s going to be all right. ( In the words of Bob Marley 🙂

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