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Last week I was invited to go and speak at SCORE and in a few months I’ll be teaching on launching your big idea. If you don’t know about them they are pretty amazing. They offer free  business advice for anything you can imagine really. Patents, accounting, business plans, marketing, you will find someone with experience in the field you need. I’ve used their services often. They reached out to me recently to share my personal success store in creating Snuggwugg my multi-award winning baby pillow.  Snuggwugg was also featured on Steve Harvey and on other mom invented TV segments. I love speaking and inspiring others. Especially the inspiring part. I really love being able to tell people that I was the least likely to succeed. When I say that it’s not false humility it’s true. If you were to look at my background and lack of funding at the time of our launch you would have told me I didn’t have a chance. But here I am.

Local Las Vegas Mom Speaks to help Mompreneurs Mon inventor on Las Vegas News

Which brings me to my next point. I’ll be teaching a class at SCORE on  launching a product from concept to cash. We are working on titles so if you have any thoughts please share those with me below in the comments. I’m also appearing Wednesday January 18th on Fox News in Las Vegas so if you are a local please tune in. We’re sharing tips for moms in business. Also if you have questions just share those below.

I wish I could shove everything I have learned over these past 4 years into your brain all at once. But it would probably explode as mine has often with the overwhelm of this process.

I do hope to share more and more to help you. I’ve had so many women come and ask for help. And I never like to hear you spent thousands of dollars with zero return.

One thing I can share is that if you have an idea, do NOT pay the inventing companies you see on TV. Just don’t do it. If you can make your prototype yourself try that first to see if it even works. Once it does then you can go from there.

I hired a seamstress from Craigslist and it was about $80 From there I applied for a grant and won! The first $15,000 for my big idea. The journey is tough and filled with pitfalls but if you keep getting up you can do it.

If you have questions leave them below and I’ll try to get to them or connect with me via my Facebook Page Mompreneur Mogul.

Have a great day and just know that you can launch your big idea! Business inquiries and interviews & speaking requests email Thank you!

Local Las Vegas Mom helps other moms on Fox 5 TV



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