Have An Invention Idea? Las Vegas Business Event

Do you have an invention idea? If you live in Las Vegas I’d love to help you this weekend. I’ll be speaking for SCORE and will be doing a las vegas business event helping you if you have an invention idea.  I’m going to be sharing all the ins and outs of running your own business and also share some tips and secrets that  I used to take my product to market. I have people write me often asking how I took Snuggwugg baby pillow from an idea in my head to the shelf. And time normally does not permit me to share with them how it happened.

Toddler Travel Pillow | Snuggwugg

But this Saturday in Las Vegas I will be able to share it all. I’m going to share resources for raising money for your business, I’m sharing how to get a prototype created paying very little I’ll be sharing some marketing ideas and more.

Have you ever wondered if those inventing companies were any good? I’ll be sharing that too.

So often people call me for help and sadly they’ve already wasted tens of thousands of dollars. It breaks my heart really. So it’s my hope that I can help you before you throw away even one dollar. I know you can do this!

So please come out and see us and share this post if you know anyone who has a great idea but they are not sure what to do next. I’d love to help and share what I’ve done and my mistakes too.

Below is the information and you can register via the registration link here.


And here are some resources for you if you have an invention idea and any of these would be helpful.

One Simple Idea, Revised and Expanded Edition: Turn Your Dreams into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work

Las Vegas Inventor Inspires others to invent products



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