How To Find A Christian Speaker For Your Church

If you are planning an event for your church you may be wondering how do you find a christian speaker for your church? There are many websites that can guide you in your church for the right speaker. A simple google search can lead you to some agencies. But one of the best ways is to ask other Pastors. My Pastor is a Rhema Graduate and I’ve been serving under him for the past 20 years. So when I started my ministry Lisa Hanson Ministries I went to him first.

I was very blessed to get a letter of recommendation from him. When you go to other speakers websites check and see if their pastors recommend them. Or if they have a pastor at all.

Letter Of recommendation for ministry

Because it may not be a good idea to bring a speaker into your church in who doesn’t have a home church of their own.

Once you find a speaker for your event you can call them or email. Sometimes they have a fee sometimes they don’t require a specific amount. Just email or ask.

Depending upon your event you may want someone to discuss social media and the church, building a business, youth, power from the Holy Spirit or any number of topics. Often times speakers for churches will have videos on their websites and you can tell pretty quickly their topics of discussion. I have those on mine.

Don’t forget the most important aspect of finding a christian speaker for your church is prayer. Be led by HIM and He will tell you if the person would be the right fit or not.

Lisa Cash Hanson Youth leader

I always pray over my own invitations. Because it has to be all about HIM first.

If you are looking for a speaker or worship singer for your church event  feel free to reach out to me I am available for bookings now.

You can visit or email us at or comment on this post.

Listen to some preaching snippets here:

I share a biblical perspective on :

Social Media And The Church.


Building a business
The Holy Spirit
Gifts of the Holy Spirit
All aspects for youth and teens in today’s world.
Living set apart.
And more.

Let us know if we can be of help to you. Lisa Hanson Ministires




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