My Fab Life On Instagram & Being MIA Lately

I feel a little bad because I’ve not spoken to you in a while. There are a few important reasons so I thought I’d stop working at 11:05 pM Vegas time to tell you why 🙂 But just a few minutes because I have a lot to do yet and the night is creeping away.

We have done something amazing ( I can’t share yet but will very soon ) and it’s taken so much of my time. I’m also in talks with a major company about Snuggwugg so that is exciting to say the least. But I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from my fab life on instagram and I hope I get to see you there soon. Oh but wait, where have I been? These past few months have been busy with new social media and marketing clients and it’s taken a majority of my writing time working for and with them. But I have had some fun moments so I want to share them with you and hopefully you will love them as much as I did. Or at least think they were fun.

My precious daughter made her debut with me on stage at church for the very first time- The video is on Youtube if you want to see that. She loves singing and Jesus so this thrilled me.

I decided to do some nails again although right now they are back to being a hot mess. Note to self get some new nails.

For about 2 months or more now almost every morning without fail this mom and daddy duck who we’ve fondly named Phil & Ms Kay come to my front door to quack and let me know they are hungry. What’s a girl to do? I fed them of course. And not bread they get special food for ducks. I love watching them and they have made me smile more times than I can count.

I met the one and only Matt Jacobson at a social media event put on by Tudor with my clients in Las Vegas. He’s pretty amazing and an all around nice human being.

I attended an amazing event at the #wynnlasvegas for #SocialMedia put on by @tudorwatch Great tips for #Instagram #Facebook and more. One of my highlights was speaking with the amazing Matt Jacobson @facebook 's 8th employee and Marketing genius. Also the owner of the coolest surfing shorts in the planet @birdwellbeachbritches check them out 😀 The room was filled w brands and after my question he said I was in the 1% & I should get props 💜 the rest of the night my client introduced me as a 1 percenter lol Great event and tips to use Instagram & Facebook to help #brands. The lighting was awful sad to say but here we are. Super kind & humble guy. It was an honor to meet him. #tech #siliconvalley #instagood #picoftheday #facebookmarketing #socialmediatips #couture2016 #lasvegas

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It’s climbing to 106 plus in Vegas and basically I’m melting to the street. I hate it and can’t wait for the cooler weather already.

Really!? 106 #lasvegas your burning me up #summer #notgood #momlife Melting

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My daughter and I have fun daily in between work and her school. I never got a 5 year old I jumped from 3 to 21. Not sure how that happened but for sure she’s like having a grown up at my side all day every day. But she makes me smile, cry and laugh and not too many people can do that. So I’m pretty blessed.

So in a nutshell that is my fab life on Instagram (can’t wait to see yours) and the reason I haven’t written is that I’m busy with my clients and writing on my blog took a short back seat. If you’re on Instagram I’d love to meet you.

Let me know and say hi and put your Instagram link in the comments below- We can all connect. Have a great day and I know we’ll chat soon.





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