Fun Things To Do With Mom And Daughter | Mommy And Me Photo Shoot

If you are looking for Fun Things To Do With Mom And Daughter A Mommy and Me Photo Shoot could be your answer. Depending upon your area you could get some great pictures of the two of you for under $300.00 And the memories are super fun. For Mother’s Day Chad decided to get a mommy and me photo shoot for me :). It took a few months before I was able to get it scheduled but Matilda and I had a great time. We had these pictures taken in Las Vegas from the fabulous La La Photography Not only are her shots always amazing but she makes it super fun. As you can tell we had some props and La La has lots of fun backgrounds to choose from. Matilda loves the camera anyway so it was pretty easy. Except towards the end when she started riding the tricycle around the studio. I knew at that point she was getting a little tired.

But other than that it’s just a great mom and daughter bonding experience and we will have these pictures for years to come! Be sure before you plan your photo shoot to look at other ideas on Instagram or Pinterest for poses and clothes. Don’t do what they do make it your own but you’ll find a lot of inspiration there.

Overall just have a great time with your girly. Because it’s really so much fun to watch them pose, laugh and play. Here are a few of ours from our Mommy and me photo shoot. Love to hear what you think. If you know of a great photographer in your area feel free to leave their information in the comments below!

Other Las Vegas Photographers we love: Angela McGuire Photography here is one from our shoot with her too 🙂


Mommy and me photo shoot


La La Photography Mommy And Me Photo Shoot :

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