We Moved From Las Vegas To Nashville

We moved from Las Vegas to Nashville! Well actually about 45 minutes from Nashville. The sun rises over our pond and as I sit on our beautiful  countryside wrap around porch hearing the birds sing, and the bullfrogs … well whatever it is that they do, I can hardly believe my new life. Everything has radically changed.

Yes I still manage my social media clients ( can work from anywhere in the world) & I work with brands, but the view from my office is vastly different.

Gone are the days in Las Vegas of blistering 115 degrees and dirt on every side. Alive are the days of rolling hills, beautiful animals, coffee on my porch and fresh air.

We bought a 54 acre beautiful farm. I’ve called it Faith Farms because trust me it’s all about faith.

Matilda seeing her hay cut for the very first time.

If you want to see all the changes follow me http://www.instagram.com/LisaCashHansonhttps://instagram.com/p/BUxvvXvBo0G/

No we don’t have animals yet except for Elsa .. a German Shepherd… she’s a handful. (sHes on insta)

I tilled my first garden for Matilda yesterday.

We are getting ready for beans, pumpkin planting, carrots and more.

Our log home although beautiful is a work in progress. But with the help of Wayfair and Hobby Lobby it’s coming along. Right?

We also have a brown recluse issue ( not so nice) and I’m learning to live with moths that look like they can carry small children away,  tics (ok you know I hate those) and other interesting creatures that live on a farm,

I’ve missed sharing our time together, but one view on Instagram & you’ll see life has been very chaotic.

Beautifully chaotic


I do have a ministry now on Facebook … come and visit me there 💜 Lisa Hanson Ministries

I’d love tips on farming or country living, Feel free to share your helpful advice.  Our life is radically different, but I’m living our new space. God greets me daily with His blessings and I’m happy to share those moments with you.

See you soon my friend 💜-





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