Why Selling Is Value

When it comes to launching your online courses or selling any product there is always the question of selling verse value. Over the weekend I decided to run a special for my blog course which is a VIP monthly membership for an insane deal.  And I want to talk about “Why Selling Is Value”

I love my subscribers and I’m always providing great value and content for them.  But if all I do is offer up content but never solve their problem is that truly value?

All over the internet, we read about providing value. And sometimes it’s written as if selling a course is not actual value. But I’d like to challenge that mindset.  Here is a great example: If  I am hungry and you sell a sandwich to me didn’t you just provide value? Yes of course you did.

Or if winter is coming and I need a coat and you sell one to me that keeps me warm and dry, did you not provide value for that sale? Absolutely.

I think we should have a new mindset in selling our products. If you are selling a product that really helps your customer than that IS value. It’s pretty simple. What do you think? Agree?

Do not be afraid to sell. You have the answer to their problem, you are providing a solution and a way out which IS value. Hope that helps you.




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    Great article! I believe in providing value first over just looking at getting revenue. If there is value provide, naturally, there will be customers! And of course, there is nothing wrong with selling the “value” you are providing.

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