Feels Like Green Acres – DIY Farming With Baby Chicks & Horses –

Baby chicks chirping, amazing sunsets sprawling, talk of horses and tractors and getting stuck in the mud. This is what is happening in between my clients projects and my own businesses to run. If you followed me when I was in Vegas you already know the country is the furthest thing you’d expect from me. My realtor calls me Ellie Mae. LOL I keep telling him that what he really means is Zsa Zsa. Because Ellie Mae actually WAS a country girl. If you want to follow along on our country journey and see our incredible sunsets and sprawling 54 acres, a true blessing from God, check out my insta here  

I’m so blessed to be able to work with clients and focus on social media while enjoying this incredible beauty here in Tennessee. I have a lot of people say to me, ” I wish I could do what you did. Move and start all over.” Why don’t you?

We are no different than you. We were so tired of the desert, of it being 100 degrees and no where for my baby girl to really play. Now she spends her days on her swingset up a tree, riding bikes or walking on our land. A few months back she fished out her front door for the first time and caught a large mouth bass. It was pretty awesome. I don’t know what your dream is but you can make it happen. I have a lot to learn about having a farm and land. And in addition to all my endeavors I feel God is leading me to work with youth and possibly horses. I’ve been to some rescues and auctions and there is also much to do and learn there. I’m excited to share this journey with you. I hope you feel inspired to make your own dreams happen. Remember that I show you the sunsets and beauty but there have also been hours of prayers on my knees, tears and trials. It’s never as easy as it looks right? But whatever we do let’s make the lives of other’s better, let’s challenge ourselves and lets laugh hard every day. IF you have any farm tips LOL please share them with me. Just comment or tweet them to me @MompreneurMogul – I’ll see you there.





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