How To Create An Online Business In Your Spare Time

make money online in your spare time
While you are enjoying nature you can be making money online in your spare time

This is a brand new year and anything is possible. Do you have an expertise or a passion? Are you an author or health coach or entrepreneur or a mom? Believe me you have a lot of expertise. Did you know that you can create an online business in your spare time? There are so many different ways to make money but I’ve tested a few and I can share my favorites

Ebook As you know I’ve written one but so can you. On absolutely any topic you’d like. Cooking, weight loss, copywriting, nursing, you name it and you can create it. And the best thing about writing an ebook is once you’ve finished it you can get residual income for as long as your book is listed. This is called passive income. You get to be in your pajamas and check your inbox and find some money 🙂 That’s pretty great. And it’s totally possible.


Another great way to make money online is a private membership site. I’ve done this for blogging courses or inventing courses and they are great. You give monthly tips and share your expertise to help your clients accomplish their goals and then they pay you monthly for your advice.


You can put together a full course and you can share your knowledge with people to help them achieve their dreams. Again I’ve seen courses on how to make money online, weight loss products, Facebook Ads, blogging courses and more. So really what you need to be thinking is what can you create in your spare time to make extra money?


I work with several clients doing this. I create and run Facebook ads and help them get leads for many types of businesses, realtors, brick and mortar, ministries, products and more. Now you’ll have to do some research if you’d like to do this but you can do it too.

There are so many tools that you can use to help you do this as well and if you’d like to learn more just comment below and tell me what it is about making money online in your spare time that you have questions about and I’ll answer that in the next post. Or let me know any questions you have about making money online. I’d love to share what I can to help you.




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