Planning a Unicorn Party

Unicorn party
Matilda enjoying her Unicorn Party

Our daughter Matilda was turning 8 and to be honest 30 days before her birthday I had no idea what to do. Then I remembered we had a friend with some horses and I had the bright idea, What about a Unicorn Party? And so my grand idea was born for a beautiful and magical unicorn themed birthday party.

But how in the world do you plan a unicorn party? There were some fun ideas online but I did a lot of my own research changed some things and we ended up having the most wonderful time!

OH and I may be adding a guide so if you’re interested in that just comment below 🙂 But here is a quick list of things you’ll need to get ready:

Unicorn Themed Decorations

Adorable Unicorn Cake

Gift Bags For The Kids

Unicorn Pinata

UNICORN… This was the best part of course having a beautiful unicorn at the party for amazing pictures for the kids.

Decide what unicorn themed food you create 🙂 I did Unicorn Popcorn, unicorn themed punch, pizza and of course her cake.

For the popcorn, I simply popped homemade popcorn and then I used chocolate melts colored in teal, pink and yellow and poured them over the popcorn. Then you put the popcorn in the refrigerator for a few minutes to harden, pull out, break apart and place in your decorative cups.

If you are planning unicorn photo opps like we did and horse back riding you won’t need as many game. Time flies by. But I can tell you that all the little girls had the best time it was so magical and they loved every minute of it. Stay tuned for part 2 with recipes and how I made this adorable flower collar for our unicorn-

Matilda and Quest our beautiful Unicorn

Fun Unicorn themed decorations



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