What Is A MagicBand & Why You Need One – Disney World Resort

What Is a Magic Band

I could write a blog post every day for a year and still not cover all the magic that flooded and warmed my heart when my family was invited to Walt Disney World last year. For one thing our little girl Matilda was literally praying to meet Mickey. And she did! So precious. If you are […]

Anchor App Coolest Thing To Hit Twitter Since Periscope – @Anchor

Anchor App Tips

The anchor App is the coolest thing to hit Twitter since Periscope. Seriously. Imagine hearing your friends on Twitter in your ear? That’s pretty much it. You upload voice recordings and they can like it, share and reply to you with a recording of their own. I’ll blog more about it soon and do some […]

We Have So Much To Be Thankful For #Thanksgiving

Lisa Cash Hanson Youth leader

As our world is turning crazier by the day. There is much happening. But in spite of some of the troubles we face I’m acutely aware that I have so much to be thankful for. It’s so true that whatever you focus your attentions on those things will be magnified while others diminish. So today […]

How Should Christians Celebrate Halloween – Shocking

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

Do you ever wonder, Should Christians celebrate Halloween? There are so many articles written about this topic and preachers who preach both for and against celebrating that night. Because of that I decided to share a new idea. Well an interesting idea. Before the rest of my post let me say that I’m not exactly […]