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 Just checked by stats: My blog views are up 65% since joining Lisa! Thanks a bunch, Lisa! 

- Cheryl Bryant-Rushing Coffman

Hi Lisa, I just started my own fashion blog and I am reading your book! It has been extremely helpful and I am just pleased to share this video that I made as inspiration from your wisdom

- Mallory Elizabeth

Lisa's "Don't be afraid to ask" advice helped give me the courage to contact a major tourist attraction in our city. The worst they could say was no to my proposal of writing a piece of our experience in exchange for admission. The said "yes".  Thrilled that we as a family will be packing our bags for the day and enjoying the moments this attraction has to offer. Thank you Lisa for the boost

- Jesseny Rojas

I'm so excited you are here!  If you have been struggling trying to figure out how to make money online, trying get more traffic - That struggle ends today. I'm no different than you yet I've been featured on AOL, Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, Babble, AOL & More. I would love to show you my secrets! Will you let me?

  • Make money right away with your blog
  • Get press coverage like this on AOL and Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Templates & Tools to help make everything super easy for you
  • Get tips on vlogging, social media, blogging and more
  • Bonus Materials Audio Teachings & More!

Become Part Of A Movement- Amazing Women, Inspiring Community, All The Help You Need.

ATTN: This is our easy pay and this will bill you monthly. You can of course cancel at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that materials are delivered immediately upon payment we cannot issue a refund for initial payment. Please make sure you are ready to improve your blog before you purchase. You can of course cancel any time after this initial payment but no refunds will be offered.Thank you for understanding.

This is the first time in my life I have experienced making money from a PRODUCT/Business.... thus, while NOT WORKING!!  THANK YOU Lisa Cash Hanson for all you have done to teach us, lead us, encourage us and MOST OF ALL BELIEVE in us. 

Anne , Saturday Evening Pot
blogging bootcamp

I have literally spent the last few years searching for a mentor worth investing my hard earned (and few and far between) money on. I have been following Lisa Cash Hanson for over a year through her newsletters and social media. One thing I noticed about her, was how real she was. For someone who has worked with high profile celebrities, and is basically a rock star Mama in her own right, she never puts on airs that she is bigger and better than everybody else out there. I also never felt like I was being sold something in every…..single…..newsletter. Something I couldn't say the same for other businesses coaches that are considered high ranking in their industry. Not to mention most of them want you to invest your life savings just to figure out how to be successful. It was when she came out with “Pitch the Media” that I knew my prayers were answered! Inner Circle with Lisa is like nothing you've experienced before. She’s not uptight and she answers your questions promptly and is personable and frequently dashed with humor! It’s only been one month and all ready I’ve felt like I’ve gained more in those 30 days than I have in the past year with my business! I see great things in store and I know you will too! 

- Tonia L. Clark,

The Blogs to Riches Inner Circle has been a godsend for me. Lisa and the other members of the inner circle have been so helpful and everyone wants to see each other succeed! Lisa is very hands on and is always willing to help you out when you get stuck on something. I love the"sisterhood" we have going on in the circle and I am so grateful to be part of such a great group! 

- Kari Ann, Esavings Blog

Lisa is as real as it gets. I just can't say enough about her or the Inner Circle! If you aren't in on The Inner Circle, you are definitely missing out.  I recently joined a well known Internet guru’s inner circle and just wanted to share my experience as compared with Lisa’s inner circle. I really feel we are getting a much better deal with Lisa as far as Inner Circle goes; more access to Lisa and a smaller group making discussion much easier. Also, her cost is much lower for a better quality of group and higher level of actual interaction. Instead of always asking Lisa to give us the answers, we quite often make suggestions and pitch ideas to each other. These people have become my friends and are invaluable to me as I move forward as a business owner. Lisa, herself is far more available than many of the other people who run similar groups and she has become my friend as well as my mentor.

- Barbara Cobham

blogging bootcamp

This was a recent conversation with one of the amazing women I get to meet all the time she said, "I get discouraged because people say you have to blog for a long time before you can make any money."  "I want to help people but I really need to make money too."  "I'd like to write an eBook maybe, but I always think it should be perfect."

First don't be lied to- you CAN make money right away. I did and that's one of the many amazing things I'll be sharing in detail in The Club.

Second Who says you can't HELP and make money at the same time? If you have an iPhone and used an app has that app ever helped you? Apple has made a TON of money 😉

Perfect and book? Forget it. Actually forget perfect all together. If you wait until it's perfect you'll never do anything.

Let's celebrate our imperfections, boost our blogs and businesses and run to the bank together while celebrating.

What are the benefits of membership?

Unlike other communities this one is very exclusive. The Club will be slightly more intimate creating a  user rich experience.

You will also learn some very unique ways that your blog can earn money. Believe me you've not heard these before.

Let me ask you a question. Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

Do you struggle to find dedicated readers for your blog?

I know people are making money online and I would like to be one of them but I'm not sure where to start?

It gets frustrating because I'm busy and don't have time to do all the social media and promotions that some say it takes to move my blog and business forward?

Well guess what? I get it - Believe me.

This is what I've proven. It is possible for you to succeed. How can I be so sure? Because I've done it.

You can enjoy your life, make money from home, watch sales grow, develop relationships to increase your business and exposure, and spend more time with the ones you love.

It is possible to make money on a a BRAND NEW blog in under two weeks.

It is possible to get a MASSIVE amount of traffic to your blog in three days.

It is possible to use social media to market your blog and your brand and not spend hours a day doing it.

It is possible to live your dream and be happy. You deserve that.

blogging bootcampFear

Some people are afraid to commit. They have something right in front of them that will make all the difference but they let fear block their way. Fear of the unknown fear of failure. Kick the fear to the curb it stinks.

Lack Of Support

There is no system in place to help them. No one to answer questions, review their pitches, share strategies, no one who is willing to be "real enough" to help them. Those days are gone. I will help you and this community will help you.

Lack Of Education

I'm not talking about school I'm talking about continuing education, growing and studying so that you can always improve and move to new levels.

No Mentors

I don't mean guru's I mean a real person willing to help.

My Story:

I started with a brand new blog a brand new baby and life was crazy. Matilda had colic and reflux she screamed every night for hours. I'm not sure if I began writing my first book out of sanity or craziness but I did it. Along with my new blog. I had many moments of "What am I doing? Will anyone read this? Is this dumb? I don't know how to do this?" But I pressed through. That's how I know that you can too.

  • I launched a book that sells daily ( added income for my family)
  • Receive pitches for quality advertisers in my first two weeks of blogging.
  • Won numerous awards for my blog.
  • Was featured on radio and on Yahoo!
  • Listed as one of the Top Momprneneurs to follow on Twitter and more.
  • I'm not bragging what I've done you can too IF you let me show you how.

What will we be discussing? This is a partial list.

  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Facebook Interaction
  • Guest Posts
  • Pitching The "A" List Blogs
  • Using Social Media To increase traffic, position yourself as an expert and increase your income
  • How exactly can I make money with my blog? Some of the ways may surprise you
  • Video tutorials
  • How to Vlog
  • How to get the most out of private ads you may be shocked at the rates you can get.
  • Case studies

And more!

  • Become A kick butt blogger – if you're a beginner or advanced
  • Use your unique talents and gifts to stand out from the crowd
  • Meet some amazing people- Really they are truly awesome
  • Expert Tips
  • Take the short cut to the fast track with information that will give you the edge you really need.
  • Get access to powerful articles and training videos
  • Enjoy a monthly online training session where you can ask  questions, and learn from other bloggers
  • Review classes whenever you'd like
  • Learn how to land guest posts on some of the biggest blogs on the planet
  • Learn how to create a product and market it through your blog


Struggle with how to pitch companies and not sure how to write a pitch letter?  Not only is that covered in Pitching Pure Gold but I lay out my word for word conversations and emails with Yahoo, and some of the biggest bloggers on the web.

Full disclosure. Read what I pitched, how I pitched it, and the results I acheived.

Love blogging communities but feel lost in the 10,000 membership clubs?

We are keeping it intimate on purpose. Won't it feel great to be a member of an exclusive club built just for you?

I want to work with each and every one of you. But as some of you know having a young baby does not allow for hours of consultations on the phone. So this community is my answer. It's like getting a private consultation but with the benefit of a group dynamic. Powerful insightful, life changing. So don't wait join us today!


Is this training hard?

Absolutely not. I break it down in super easy to follow steps so that any beginner can do this yet yield expert results.


What if I miss a training module will I be lost?

No. Life is busy believe me I know that. Each training session is STAND ALONE. That means that you can jump in any time. The material will always be available for you to review so you can come back to anything you like at anytime. This is all about you so let's make it easy.

What if I change my mind?

No worries you can cancel at any time and there is a money back guarantee. I am so confident that you are going to LOVE this training I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just write and tell me why you were not satisfied within the 30 day period and you will get your money back no questions asked.

Listen to these success stories from bloggers just like you:

"I am trying everything that you have recommended... at least everything that I can fit in. I am being spotlighted tonight on ABC  after answering a query about kids and CT scans. Yikes! I hope this is something good. The reporter was awesome and absolutely was fine with mentioning my blog name. So cool!"

I finished Lisa's book on June 29. Today is July 19.  So far since finishing and beginning to apply the suggestions in her book, our results have been: 1 feature of a recipe on an award-winning blog with over 7 million users, improvement in Alexa ranking, an interview with a major media outlet for potential feature, over 5 TIMES the number of pageviews from July 16 to July 17, and I am being interviewed on a BlogTalkRadio program next week!

This morning I tweeted the screenshot showing our traffic jump on July 17 this morning: @thesatevepot.  Lisa's book is the only resource for bloggers that we have seen these types of immediate results using.... if you have been thinking about investing in yourself by getting her book, take action today.  There are never any guarantees but many others are experiencing similar results!

~Anne, Co-Owner and Co-Author of the food blog, The Saturday Evening Pot[/quote]

You were just the first blogger I thought of to share the news. Before this I also had a small stroke of luck, contacted me about being a contributor after they saw a comment of mine on their blog... again, something you recommended was to comment on 5 blogs every night."

Thank you! ~Gina My Chocolate Peaces

"My stats have gone from 1,500 views a month to around 2,400, my Twitter followers tripled in one week, my Alexa rank changed by 1 million in just a couple of weeks and my Klout score has jumped from 20 to 36 Writers are asking to guest post on my blog and companies are pitching me!"

Tamara (Aspiring) Domestic Goddess Mommy

"I just wanted to thank you for being amazing and allowing me to review your book. I learned so much and will continue to use it in my blogging journey. My blog has grown so quickly in just 3 months & I know I have a long way to go to get famous. I’ll get there someday & I’ll be thanking you again!"

Rita Light Rockin Rebel Deals

I have read many “How to Make Money from Your Blog” books from all the leading male “gurus”. I find them repetitious and boring, however they are making tons of money!! So Kudos to the men making all the money! On the other hand Lisa’s book is from a woman with a stay at home mom’s perspective. It is refreshing, easy to read and she has already invested hours finding the most powerful resources so you don’t have to! I use it daily when I want to find out how to pitch the media, ways to promote my blog and companies that will pay for my reviews. Why does that matter to you? She shows YOU how her traffic jumped from 700 visitors to over 17,686 in just one month! There are over 100 major resources to help you increase your traffic, make money blogging and get companies to chase

Lisa MomBloggerBuzz

"I can't thank Lisa enough. Not only did she give me my first paid review she also coached me on how much to charge. I was super excited and it was awesome."

- Michelle Sutter powered-by-mom

Hello Lisa -

I just purchased your ebook and it really looks fantastic. I have spent the last few months researching how to start a mommy blog and have never run across information like this-it really is great! You have really presented it in a simple, non discouraging way and I thank you for that. I can't wait to get started! ~ Tawny

Hi Lisa,

I just purchased your book, and am so excited about the great resources you have shared. I was already familiar with some of them, but many were completely new to me. I have implemented a few of your resources, and am working my way through your list. Thanks so much for sharing your research, and making it so affordable for the rest of us!!!

I've found my voice, and I'm learning to not be afraid to use it... thanks for your encouragement!!! ~ Connie Creator of Bible Crafts 4 Kids


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