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I’m a mom inventor as well as the other hats I wear. Many wonder how to patent a product. I’m also asked all the time how I did this where did I find that 🙂  In launching my own baby product the Snuggwugg I’ve faced many challenges and done a lot of research. I will continually add resources so check back with more about how to patent a product.

The biggest tip I can share is don’t listen to negative people. Yes it’s hard but you have to say if they can do it so can I. I truly believe any of us can. Don’t let anyone stomp your dream.

Google everything- How to get a patent, how to launch a product, how to find a manufacturer. Believe me you will learn a lot.


Don’t be paranoid. If I had a penny every time a mom said- “I don’t want someone to take my idea.” I wouldn’t have to launch Snuggwugg I’d already be rich. Everyone has ideas those don’t make  you a dime. It’s follow through. And that is hard work believe me.

Quick tips:

Patents are great products are better. If you have a patent but nothing to sell? Does you no good.

Few license an idea. I know people think you can be rich and someone will pay you for your idea. If you don’t believe in your product enough to try and do something why should they? Build your brand license later if you want to.

I had some offers and I thought they were lame. I chose to do it myself.


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They are the best thing going for your business google grants and you’ll find many.  I discovered that FEDEX and my local Nevada chapter both have grants. Google and set alerts for business grants and you can get some money to buy your product.

Huggies Mom Inspired Grant – 15K and a dream come true I am a winner and I cannot say enough amazing things about Huggies and Mom Inspired I love them! – A Great resource to learn more about grants and how to get seed money for your business.

FREE Media Attention for your brand. People ask how I get featured in so many places. If you look at my press page you can see I’ve been in Entrepreneur, WSJ, AOL, Business Insider and more. It’s amazing but you can do it too- I added everything I know and real examples in my program. One piece of press could drive amazing business to your site. Check that out here.

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FREE TO TRY ( comes with a membership after trial but great to get ideas for contracts) Contract Generator all types: Great Info on Distributors, Contracts ETC

New Era Consulting – Distributor, sales info and articles.

  • Sewing Patterns Design ConsultingSew Specialized. Not only is she smart but I love this woman she has become the sweetest friend 🙂 Kristen Alexander Tidwell

Free business mentoring of ALL kids and any kind. It’s government based great resources. They have an amazing plug in the answers business plan that calculates projections ( free) super helpful.

You can get a local mentor to your area or you can find one via email.

Business Plan Writing Resources:

SBA Business Plan– I love this resource it’s free and you can just plug in your figures and it will save and print a very professional version of your business plan.

Business Plan Mentor

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( can ask small business ombudsman a ton of questions about safety he said shop around for labs the one below is just a single option.

How To Find A Manufacturer Tips

Manage everything from inventory, orders, expenses, contacts, and statistics across various selling platforms, all in one place

video demo 

How To Write Care Labels

Found this tons of information and how to negotiate with Chines manufacturers and more hope it’s helpful

In an effort to understand China and the manufacturing process I came across an amazing resource. There is more research here than anyone has time for but also a lot of great help-

Owner, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions
Advisory Board Member: China Sourcing Information Center, AsiaQualityFocus, Chibridge Law
Author, “The Essential Reference Guide to China Sourcing
Interview in the Financial Times: “A Foot in Both Cultures”
Need support in China?



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