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There is so much I can say but do you really want to hear me babble about myself? LOL Probably not. So here is my life in a nutshell. Ready? This will pass quickly.

Vegas Singer- Quit- First time mom (wanna quit some days)- Mom Inventor (Snuggwugg you’ll want it trust me) – Huggies Mom Inspired Grant Winner. Brand Ambassador. Coach to other bloggers.
Live in Vegas, love to make people laugh, hoping I can share some tips to help you make money from home!
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I’m Lisa The Author of Get Famous The Most Amazing Bloggers Resource On The Planet A totally cool blogging resource  ( you can buy that by clicking on the menu tab and the Kindle version is available on Amazon as well) and  founder of the Blogs To Riches Club. I’m excited that you are here. All my posts are super easy to find on the home page. In categories Vlog, Blog Tips Entreprenur & More.

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Let me know if you have any questions- Enjoy my blog.

Hi, I’m Lisa, this is my family Thanks for stopping by!


work from home moms

I’ve worn more rhinestones than Liberace in my life to find out why go to My About Page or My Story & Matilda 

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Work from home moms


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