Tutu’s And Pajamas A Parenting Story

Tutus and Pajamas

Tonight I looked at Matilda, my 2 1/2 year old as I was getting her ready for bed. As she stood there chomping like only a toddler can on her Honey Nut Cheerios and drinking her milk I couldn’t stop smiling. She had both of her flower tutu’s on over her flannel pajamas. Suddenly a […]

The Beginners Guide To Fatherhood – The Funniest Blog Post In The World

The Beginners Guide To Fatherhood

I have read many things online since I have become a blogger over the past few years. But NOTHING and I mean nothing, has made me laugh this hard. I had to stop reading it because It was 11:51AM in Vegas when I first discovered this brilliant author because my 2 year old Matilda and […]

Kayne West YouTube Porn & Our Children Protect Family Values

family values

I know there are many people in the world who have no moral compass at all to  lead them. Obviously Kayne West and Kim Kardashian are two of those people.  Miley Cyrus and so many others. I don’t even fault them. Rock stars do what they do. They don’t care about your family values, your […]

Mompreneur Mogul: $500 Back to School Cash Giveaway!

Cash Giveaway Bloggers

Welcome to the $500 Back to School Cash Giveaway! Are you ready to help send the kids back to school with some great clothes and school supplies?  I’m really excited to be able to present this awesome $500 back to school cash giveaway  and I really hope one of YOU my Mompreneur Mogul readers is […]

Summer Travel Tips – Get Vacationing Before It’s Over!

Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Tips – Get Vacationing Before It’s Over!   If you are planning on taking a vacation with young children, there are some tips you can implement in your vacation that will help everyone on the trip stay happy and healthy.  These can easily fit into any vacation and may make the difference between […]

Internet Security For Kids – Tips Plus Complimentary Premium Membership UknowKids

Any parent understands that internet security for kids is vital. It’s not that we don’t trust our children it’s that we don’t trust predators online.  I’m a mom and when I read the horror stories or see the shows on tv where grown men lure children it’s disgusting. The first key in protecting our children […]

A Letter To My Husband Our Toddler, Business & Sex Life (Not in that order)

I’m going to get a little personal and I hope you’re fine with that. Today I thought I’d try to give you a peek into our lives so maybe we can all just have a laugh together. As a matter of fact maybe every Sunday will be personal Sunday and we can all just have […]

How Do Mompreneurs Balance Life Work And Family


I’m asked all the time “How do you do it?” I’m thinking they see me flying in with my SM cape (super mompreneur) with Matilda on my hip, business meetings ready and in perfect condition. Truth is many days I’m a hot mess and not hot as in cute. I guess when people see that […]

Potty Training Tips For A Desperate Mom- HELP Me

Potty training

      If you’ve been to my blog you already know I’m a first time mom. If you’re new here- Newsflash, I’m a first time mom. That alone should tell you most everything you need to know about me and my struggles with something like potty training. Translation= Everything is a huge deal to […]