Royal Berkey Water Filter System Review

Water Filter System Review

I was given the opportunity to review the Royal Berkey water filter system. Which honestly came at the perfect time because we just moved into our new home and with my 6-year-old Matilda I wanted the peace of mind that our drinking water was safe. The Royal Berkey came packed perfectly and it was pretty simple […]

The Bitcasa Infinite Drive -Why Moms Love It

Infographic for moms bitcasa infinite drive

The Bitcasa Infinite Drive – Why Moms Love it! I don’t know about you but my life is pretty chaotic at the moment. However when I find a product that can help make your  life or mine just a little bit easier , I’m happy to share. I’d like to introduce Bitcasa and a chance […]

Potty Training Tips For A Desperate Mom- HELP Me

Potty training

      If you’ve been to my blog you already know I’m a first time mom. If you’re new here- Newsflash, I’m a first time mom. That alone should tell you most everything you need to know about me and my struggles with something like potty training. Translation= Everything is a huge deal to […]

ETY- Kids Safe Listening Earphones For Your Child

Some of you who have been following my blog for a while know that I am also a musician. I’ve been a singer most of my life. That means loud music, loud bands, super loud drummers and CRAZY loud guitars.  Man those guitar player love to blast it. Well I don’t have to tell  you […]