Anchor App Coolest Thing To Hit Twitter Since Periscope – @Anchor

Anchor App Tips

The anchor App is the coolest thing to hit Twitter since Periscope. Seriously. Imagine hearing your friends on Twitter in your ear? That’s pretty much it. You upload voice recordings and they can like it, share and reply to you with a recording of their own. I’ll blog more about it soon and do some […]

$38,000 In Small Business Marketing Mistakes -Case Study

small business marketing mistakes

If you are a small business owner trying to figure out where to spend your marketing dollars and how much you should spend this article will help you. I’m guessing that you may already receive many calls each week from various companies asking for your small business marketing dollars. I do. In addition to being […]

Facebook Buy Button How Direct Response Gets Social

Snuggwugg Facebook Buy Button

Direct response advertising just took another big leap as Facebook recently announced plans for the new Facebook Buy Button. Now your friends can be cruising through your baby pictures and purchase a new baby shower gift at the same time. Hurray for Snuggwugg® ( that’s the interactive pillow for babies and toddlers I invented in […]

3 Ways To Personalize Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media For Your Business

The importance of promoting your business on Social Media is essential in today’s market. Customers want to interact with companies, share their experiences and most importantly search for items that they need and want. It is not only about having a Facebook page or just a Twitter account, it is about interacting on a daily […]

One Degree Of Separation Social Media Levels The Playing Field #SM

Social Media

You’ve heard the term “6 degrees of separation?” Well thanks to social media we now can experience one degree of separation. That means that you are literally one contact away from that big lead, that big opportunity, big speaking gig, big whatever you need. Social Media has really leveled the playing field for entrepreneurs and […]

The Secrets To Unlocking Fan Engagement On Facebook By 7 Top Experts

Facebook is a powerful social network used by individuals and businesses alike. Facebook provides many powerful ways to reach our fans, clients, and friends via apps and other amazing ways of connecting. Facebook for business is fairly new but it’s very powerful. Many businesses are learning the secret to unlocking fan engagement on Facebook and […]