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[quote]Not long ago I purchased the Ebook Get Famous by Lisa Cash Hanson.
 At a price of $17.95 I was hesitant to purchase as that is more than I would usually spend on an ebook. I finally thought to myself, what the hell, at the very least I’ll learn a thing or two about bettering my blog. 
 Am I ever glad I decided to purchase!
 I read it in two sittings with a coffee, it’s not a long book, and here are my thoughts:
 Reading session 1: Very impressed! Six digital pages on my Kobo Touch into this book and I have already learned valuable information!
 Reading session 2: a)Not done reading for the day but wanted to note that I’m on page 20 of 35 and this is by far the best blogging resource book I have ever read! Money well spent.
b) Ok I’m finished reading and I can’t recommend this enough. I gained information and knowledge of resources I would not have obtained any other way. Thank you, Lisa!
There you have it, my review of Get Famous. I am genuinely thankful that I decided to purchase this book because utilizing the things I have learned from it will help my blog immensely and it can help yours too. I have signed up for Lisa’s affiliate program and am excited to promote this awesome information. ~ Ruby Girlfriends Are Like Shoes[/quote]


[quote] “I am trying everything that you have recommended… at least everything that I can fit in. I am being spotlighted tonight on ABC  after answering a query about kids and CT scans. Yikes! I hope this is something good. The reporter was awesome and absolutely was fine with mentioning my blog name. So cool![/quote]

[quote]I finished Lisa’s book on June 29. Today is July 19.  So far since finishing and beginning to apply the suggestions in her book, our results have been: 1 feature of a recipe on an award-winning blog with over 7 million users, improvement in Alexa ranking, an interview with a major media outlet for potential feature, over 5 TIMES the number of pageviews from July 16 to July 17, and I am being interviewed on a BlogTalkRadio program next week!

This morning I tweeted the screenshot showing our traffic jump on July 17 this morning: @thesatevepot.  Lisa’s book is the only resource for bloggers that we have seen these types of immediate results using…. if you have been thinking about investing in yourself by getting her book, take action today.  There are never any guarantees but many others are experiencing similar results!

~Anne, Co-Owner and Co-Author of the food blog, The Saturday Evening Pot[/quote]

[quote]You were just the first blogger I thought of to share the news. Before this I also had a small stroke of luck, contacted me about being a contributor after they saw a comment of mine on their blog… again, something you recommended was to comment on 5 blogs every night.”
Thank you! ~Gina My Chocolate Peaces[/quote]

[quote]”My stats have gone from 1,500 views a month to around 2,400, my Twitter followers tripled in one week, my Alexa rank changed by 1 million in just a couple of weeks and my Klout score has jumped from 20 to 36 Writers are asking to guest post on my blog and companies are pitching me!”
Tamara (Aspiring) Domestic Goddess Mommy[/quote]

[quote]”I just wanted to thank you for being amazing and allowing me to review your book. I learned so much and will continue to use it in my blogging journey. My blog has grown so quickly in just 3 months & I know I have a long way to go to get famous. I’ll get there someday & I’ll be thanking you again!”
Rita Light Rockin Rebel Deals[/quote]

[quote]I have read many “How to Make Money from Your Blog” books from all the leading male “gurus”. I find them repetitious and boring, however they are making tons of money!! So Kudos to the men making all the money! On the other hand Lisa’s book is from a woman with a stay at home mom’s perspective. It is refreshing, easy to read and she has already invested hours finding the most powerful resources so you don’t have to! I use it daily when I want to find out how to pitch the media, ways to promote my blog and companies that will pay for my reviews. Why does that matter to you? She shows YOU how her traffic jumped from 700 visitors to over 17,686 in just one month! There are over 100 major resources to help you increase your traffic, make money blogging and get companies to chase

Lisa MomBloggerBuzz[/quote]

[quote]”I can’t thank Lisa enough. Not only did she give me my first paid review she also coached me on how much to charge. I was super excited and it was awesome.”

– Michelle Sutter powered-by-mom[/quote]

[quote]Hello Lisa –
I just purchased your ebook and it really looks fantastic. I have spent the last few months researching how to start a mommy blog and have never run across information like this-it really is great! You have really presented it in a simple, non discouraging way and I thank you for that. I can’t wait to get started! ~ Tawny[/quote]

[quote]Hi Lisa,
I just purchased your book, and am so excited about the great resources you have shared. I was already familiar with some of them, but many were completely new to me. I have implemented a few of your resources, and am working my way through your list. Thanks so much for sharing your research, and making it so affordable for the rest of us!!!

I’ve found my voice, and I’m learning to not be afraid to use it… thanks for your encouragement!!! ~ Connie Creator of Bible Crafts 4 Kids[/quote]