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lisa-brandsMy name is Lisa Cash Hanson. I’m a digital marketing specialists & the CEO of Snuggwugg INC. I’m an Author, Speaker & National TV Personality. I  connect brands & Influential mom bloggers in an authentic & powerful way. I can help your brand utilizing an extensive network of bloggers for your campaigns.  I have an exclusive inside connection to guide you as to which bloggers are perfect for your campaign and how to amplify your message achieve your marketing goals. Why?  Due to the one on one relationships I’ve established over years with influential bloggers we can deliver the results you need. I manage a group filled with influencers – here. So I welcome you to connect with me and see how I can help. Or fill out this short form:

For years I have had the opportunity to work with fortune 500  brands and help them amplify their marketing messages.  Due to the fact that I invented my own baby product,  I am in a unique position to bridge the gap between brands, bloggers, PR, and Social Media like never before.

It’s no secret that mom bloggers have incredible marketing power and your brand should be utilizing that.

Let me  help your brand increase awareness & sales. My team of influential mom bloggers has a reach of millions across all social media platforms. You may visit my advertising page to learn even more. Let’s get started! See below a list of services and I look forward to hearing from you Or you may click here to contact us. CONTACT




Johnny Rockets Testimonial

“Hello Lisa,
I just wanted to thank you for your really nice blog post on and especially for publishing it so soon. The team really enjoyed reading it and looking at the amount of retweets and mentions, a lot of other readers too. Again, thank you very much!”


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I work with national brands, advertisers, business owners, authors and more. I'd love to hear from you and see how I may serve you or if it's just to leave a message. Have a great day! ~ Lisa