3 Easy Ways to Support Your Child’s Effort

3 Easy Ways to Support Your Child's Effort

Do you have a child who is struggling to succeed at something? It can be difficult for them, and oftentimes it’s hard on the parents too.

It’s tough being a mom. You have to be both the disciplinarian and the cheerleader. And sometimes you’re just in need of a break! But it’s important to keep your child’s morale up, which is where these three easy ways come in handy. 

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1. Praise your child's efforts

As a mom, you know how important it is to praise your child’s efforts. With the busy lives, we lead today, giving positive feedback can be hard.

You might be wondering how praising your child for their efforts is supposed to help, right?

I have two kids and one of them is really good at something, like drawing or reading. The other has an easier time with some things but struggles with others. One thing they both share is the desire to be praised for their efforts. As a parent, it’s easy to focus on the areas where our children struggle and we often forget how much effort goes into what they do well, even if they don’t always succeed at it.

Praise does wonders for any child as long as it focuses more on what went well rather than what didn’t go as planned (or expected).

2. Celebrate their success with them

It’s always a nice thing to celebrate with your kids when they have had success. And, it is even better when you can share the experience together!

When your child does something great, don’t forget to celebrate! Celebrate with other parents at the big game or by joining in on their favorite activity. By celebrating their achievements, you are not only making them feel good about themselves but you’re also modeling for them what success looks like.

A great way to do this is by making it a family affair! Whether it’s their first time playing soccer or they just won the game, you can share in the joy and excitement that comes from being on a team. You should also be there for them when things don’t go as well so that they know that you’re always there for support no matter what. 

3. Help your child find ways to get past obstacles that might be preventing him from getting things done

The best way to teach your child resilience is to show them how you deal with obstacles in your life. But what if they don’t have a parent around? Well, there are plenty of ways that even the youngest children can learn how to get past their difficulties on their own.

There are many different approaches but one proven method is called “cognitive restructuring.” This means taking a negative thought (e.g., I’m not good at math) and finding evidence that contradicts it (I got an A+ on my last test).

Encourage them to think about the situation differently; try doing something different or using an alternate route. This might not be the first time they have encountered this obstacle and they might know of other ways to get past it. You can also encourage them by reminding them that many others have had similar experiences before and found success in overcoming these challenges too!

It's really important to show your child that you're supporting him or her. You can use these 3 easy tips and see if there is a difference in the amount of effort your child puts into tasks, how he or she performs at school, and his/her attitude towards life. Support your child by being their cheerleader. Be a strong and steady force when life gets tough, nurture them with encouragement in the face of failure, be persistent in praising their achievements - no matter how small they may seem to you. Acknowledge feelings without judgment while offering reassurance that there are ways to overcome or learn from any setback. And always remember that just as every snowflake is unique so too are each of our children!